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10 Makanan yang mengandung Protein Tinggi
10 Foods that contain High Source of Protein | Protein is a nutrient that we must meet every day because it is very important for health tubuh.Menurut source , the protein is divided into two kinds of plant protein and animal protein . Vegetable protein derived from plants , while animal protein derived from animals which contain many essential amino acids are highly influential to the development of the body . Beneficial proteins to form muscle tissue , keeping the pH balance of acid and alkaline body , and helps regulate the hormones that function in the digestive process . The other function of the protein is a food and energy reserves in our body .

Well , Here we provide information 10 foods that contain high protein sources :

1 . Eggs
The egg is the most complete source of protein for the body , seven grams of protein contained in each one egg that has been boiled with only two grams of saturated fat . The saturated fat content contained in the yolk , so if you want to avoid it , you do not need to eat it . The studies found that people who ate eggs and toast for breakfast full longer and eat less calories throughout the day .

2 . Tenderloin Chicken ( White Meat )
Each tenderloin has a weight of about one and a half to two ounces , making it easier for you to control portions . Two tenderloin is almost equivalent to the size of the three- ounce servings . Tenderloin seasoned and can easily be used in a kebab or sauteed with other foods .

3 . Dada Chicken ( White Meat )
10 Foods that contain High Protein Sources , chicken breast meat is a choice that had fairly low fat content . These foods can be a healthy choice lunch menu which contains less cholesterol .

4 . Beef ( Sirloin )
Sirloin meat is taken from the back of the cow . This meat contains almost no fat , and is usually used to serve steak , because the size is much larger than other parts of the cow's body .

5 . Fish Fresh
All kinds of fish are an excellent source of protein for the body , especially the fish . And we do not have to worry , because the fish did not contain fat such as meat . Although there are several types of fish that contain fat , such as salmon , but it is a good omega 3 fats .

6 . Shrimps
Shrimp is rich in calcium and protein , and are included in the category of animal protein sources . Value of protein in shrimp considered complete proteins because high levels of amino acids , and a complete profile about 85-95 percent digestible body . 100 g raw shrimp contains 20.3 grams of protein , or enough to meet the daily protein requirement by 41 % .

7 . Whole Milk
Pure Milk is one of the highest quality protein sources . The number of milk proteins is not too large , but the quality of protein that is provided to the body is simply amazing . The protein in milk contains all the essential amino acids that the body needs .

8 . Keong Mas
According to Dr. Ir Sulistiono , MSc , Chair of the Department of Aquatic Resources Management ( MSP ) , Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science , Bogor Agricultural University ( IPB ) ( Pelita Daily , Friday , 13/4 ) , snails known to contain omega 3 , 6 and 9 . proximate result of the test , the protein content in snails proved high , ranging from 16 to 50 percent . In some areas , snails processed into various types of cuisines such as satay , spiced , chili snails , slugs up ketchup .

9 . Soybeans
Soybeans contain 29 grams of protein per cup. Soy is also known to have a low fat content also have other content such as isoflavones , saponins and phytc acid which is good for preventing heart disease , osteoporosis , and cancer .

10 . Know
Tofu is rich in nutrients, especially protein can be processed into a variety of creative dishes . Can be taken with salads , steamed , fried or grilled . In addition to nutritious , know also easily blend with herbs and other foods so you will not get tired of eating it .
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4 Simple And Powerful Ways to Overcome the Arthritis Symptoms In Hands

Arthritis is known as a disease that often affects a person suddenly . Symptoms are similar to cramps , but the pain they cause can make joint pain and muscle tension in certain areas , especially the hands and fingers . Even worse , the pain of arthritis can get worse , if it takes place in a long period of time and not Kujung subsided . But you do not need to worry , because according to the information we have reports of Boldsky site , the following steps are powerful and easy to help fight the pain of arthritis in the hands or fingers , including :

1 . Reduce WeightFor those of you who have excessive weight , then you should be aware of the risk of arthritis due to obesity are known to be susceptible to this disease . This is because the weight is very influential on the pressure experienced by the muscles and joints , so the weight of your body weight , then the stresses imposed on the muscles and joints will also be higher . High pressure that occurs continuously will make frequent muscle tension , and joints wear out quickly . The second thing is what ultimately lead to arthritis in certain parts , such as hands and your fingers .As a form of prevention of this disease , a healthy diet and regular exercise you can do to help you lose weight . 

2 . Exercises InstantIn addition to easy and simple , instant exercise also can do in an effort to reduce pain in the hands or fingers arhritis . Instant workout that you can try them to stretch the muscles of the elbow and fingers , by way of flexing both hands , and then move it rotate . This is done so that the arm muscles are more relaxed and stress on the hands can be reduced . 
3 . Uses Pain Relief CreamSpecial cream for pain relief is one of the most powerful ways to relieve arthritis pain in the hands . Menthol is the basic ingredient of good pain relief cream to relax the back muscles are tense . In addition , this cream is also useful to prevent the pain caused by arthritis from getting worse , making it suitable as a first aid kit in case of symptoms of arthritis . 
4 . Doing Massage Therapy And SortOlive oil and coconut oil which is used as a means of massage therapy and massage are two highly nutritious natural ingredients to smooth peredan blood , and reduce muscle tension tired . Therefore , massage therapy and massage you can choose as a cure for the pain of arthritis in the hands or fingers . 
That article and the " 4 Simple And Powerful Ways to Overcome the Arthritis Symptoms In Hands " , may be useful for the reader as well . And if there are any questions about this article , please you can leave comments that we have provided . Our advice , if 4 tips that we gave above still has not managed to overcome the pain of arthritis in your hands , then you should immediately consult a doctor , as a better source .
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7 Amazing Benefits of Watermelon For Your Body

Watermelon is a juicy fruit types that most types of red colored flesh . The fruit is very suitable in the current consumption in the air was very hot during the day or at a fairly blistering . This is because , almost 90 percent of the content of watermelon consists of water . The fruit is easy to get in the market in traditional and more modern in the market . Most of us would like to consume the juicy fruit . However , in addition to substitute for relieving thirst , there are many health benefits of watermelon for your body . So , what are the amazing benefits of watermelon for the body 's health ... ? ? ?

Companions , health tips . Watermelon red color indicates that this fruit contains a variety of nutrients , vitamins , minerals , potassium , beta-carotene , vitamin C and fiber needed by the body . Therefore , begin to provide a watermelon as a dessert in each of your daily menu . Nutris and content of various vitamins are abundant in watermelon helps preserve and maintain the health of each person 's body . Health tips this time will reveal the various benefits of watermelon that you may not know . Here are 7 amazing benefits of watermelon for the health of your body :
  1.     A More Heart Healthy . Watermelon is a source of lycopene . Lycopene contained in watermelon important role to maintain the health of the heart organ you have.
  2.     Eyes The Better Health . This is because , these fruits contain beta-carotene which will be converted in the body into vitamin A. Vitamin A is a vitamin that will nourish your organs of vision .
  3.     Improve Immune System . Watermelon is also a source of vitamin C. Vitamin C has a function to help improve the body's immune system . So the body will not get sick when the weather is poor or very extreme .
  4.     Protection Of Free Radicals . A variety of factory smoke and car fumes are inhaled dirty air may trigger the influx of free radicals that can harm your body . Watermelon contains carotenoid compounds that can neutralize free radicals that enter into the body of a person.
  5.     Bone Strengthening the Body . This is because , watermelon is one of the fruits that are rich in potassium content . Potassium serves to retain calcium in the body . So that the bones and joints will be healthier and stronger all the time .
  6.     More Kidney Health Organ . Consuming watermelon will help increase the flow of urine . With the smooth flow of urine then it will impact the health of the kidneys in organ in the body.
  7.     Reduce Body Fat In . Watermelon is a type of fruit that is rich in citruline which serves to reduce the excess fat inside your body .

Such health tips discussed 7 amazing benefits of watermelon for your body . Hopefully useful and useful for all readers .
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Here 5 Smile to Your Health Benefits

Have you smiled today ... ? ? ? . If not , it might be worthwhile , you are doing right now and you can do the activity to smile more often at the proper time and place . A smile is an activity that is most easily done by humans and have a tremendous benefit to the health of our body and soul . So , what benefits can we get from the smile to our health .... ? ? ?

Companions , health tips . There are so many benefits that can be obtained from the smile to the health of body and soul . With smiles activity can improve our immune system . But that's not the hidden benefits of the smiling activity . Health tips this time will address an article about the health benefits of a smile for you . Companions , health tips , here's 5 health benefits of smiling for you:
  1.     Benefits smile it can make you feel better than ever and is also able to increase your heart atmoshpere . Therefore , try to always smile when you feel sadness and positive thinking to everything that you experienced that you feel much better and be a person who always think positive and do not be such a big hit because of sadness .
  2.     Benefits of the next smile is able to eliminate the stress in your life while undergoing strenuous activity and your mind throughout the day . Do activities smiled for a minute or two to relieve the stress on the proper time and place .
  3.     The third smiled benefits that can boost your immune system . This is because , when you smile your body will feel more relaxed so your endurance will increase as the activity that you are doing the smiling .
  4.     Benefits fourth smile that can relieve pain experienced by your body . This is because , when you smile it will trigger increased endorphins . Endorphins are hormones that can naturally relieve pain experienced by your body .
  5.     Benefits fifth smile will make you look more youthful and healthy looks slightly more . This is because , when you smile the muscles of your face will be lifted so that will make you will look more youthful.
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7 Foundation for Achieving Optimal Health Body

Healthy life be one solution to better appreciate and love the body you have. Various tips we can apply to be able to live a more healthy in all activities and stretching a person's life . From start to sleep at night until the arrival time of night sleep again , we can actually get used to discipline or healthy behavior in a variety of routines on the run . So from that , the foundation for a healthier life must be embedded in the hearts and in our souls . So , what are the foundations to achieve optimal health of body .... ? ? ? .

Companions , health tips . Healthy lifestyle seems easy to say but very difficult to implement in everyday life . This may be caused , being too dense or burden a person's work activity and forget to think about his own health . In fact , someone who is more loving our bodies are our own , or in other words we have to maintain the health of the body itself . Health tips this time will discuss about the importance of the foundation to achieve optimal body health . Companions , the following seven foundation to achieve optimal health of body :
  1.     Each Enough Rest At night . Adequate sleep is certainly very great benefit to improve one's health . You can feel when staying up late into the night , then certainly the next morning feeling less passionate work , fatigue , drowsiness and a variety of other health problems can invade the body .
  2.     Sports And Effective Enough . One of the activities is certainly healthful exercise . You must agree about this . With bed early , get up early to exercise is certainly not a habit that makes life difficult for you .
  3.     Quite Drinking Water . The body needs fluid intake or enough water each day ( which is adjusted to a person's daily activities ) . If the activity or work is not too heavy , then eight (8 ) glasses of water is sufficient for fluids in your body .
  4.     Various Stop Unhealthy Habits . There are so many unhealthy habits that a person without ever realizing it , such as smoking , drinking alcohol , supine exercise , and skip hours of nighttime sleep continuously.
  5.     Begin With Healthy Food . Various types of fruits and vegetables are colored green to fulfill the needs of various nutrients and vitamins needed by your body .
  6.     Shower Routine Every Day . Bathing is one activity that is very healthy for the body . Due to a variety of dirt and grime can harm the body will disappear with regular baths at least 2 ( two ) times a day .
  7.     Keep Your Environment Clean Home And Surrounding Always . Because the house is dirty and unclean environment prone as breeding grounds for a variety of germs , and bacteria that threaten viurs healthy body including your whole family .

Such health tips discussed 7 foundation to achieve optimal body health . Hopefully useful and useful for all readers .
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